How To Use Gmail To Send And Receive Mails Under Your Own Domain Name

We know that Gmail is really easy to use. It is virus as well as spam free. Gmail is web based and universally accessible.

But, for most internet users, advantage turn off is that often that you cannot use your own domain name with Gmail. In fact no free webmail service is known to me which provides this facility as on today.

However there is a workaround! You can use the cool and fast interface of Gmail and send/receive mails using your professional email ID using your own domain name.

For that you need to do the following simple steps:

Grab a website name. Register it from any leading registrar

Host the domain on a reliable server

Create an Email account. Say you created

Open a Gmail account say

Now however set a forwarder within your server to forward all mails traveling to to Thus you are keeping a copy of all incoming emails on your server and sending a replica to your Gmail account so that you can access it from there.

Now log into your Gmail account. Go to up => Accounts. Click on Add another email. Enter email address there and confirm.

Now Google will send you a verification email. Gasoline will be sent to, it will be forwarded to To help you instantly ensure that and enter the validation programming.

Once validated, you can again go to Settings => Account and mark this account as the default checking account.

Now, if you will send an email, it will go from even should you be sending it from your Gmail amount of. And of course all replies will come to your gmail interface as emails are forwarded there.

Enjoy! The productivity enhancement Gmail offers to you without losing on your brand symbol.