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Clicker training method

Method of training dogs with clicker.

What is the clicker?

The clicker is a useful training tool.

It consists of a small mechanical device that makes a characteristic “click” sound when we press a metal plate arranged for that purpose.

In 1938 he published “The behavior of organisms” that defines operant conditioning. The clicker is a secondary conditioned reinforcement described by the leading American behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner, in 1951 in a work called “How to Teach Animals”.

It has now become an important tool for developing a positive reinforcement training technique also you can check on http://bestdogtrainingboston.com/, applicable in dogs for different purposes (company, obedience, assistance dogs, agility, drug detecting dogs, sport dogs, etc.) Other animals such as horses, dolphins, seals, etc.

Karen Pryor is the creator of clicker training. Karen is based on the principle that if you get your dog to understand you, he will do what you want. Since instinctively dogs want to please their owners.

Then the art of training a dog is to communicate to him, what you want him to do, in a language he understands. This way you can teach in weeks what would cost months with more traditional methods.

Technical criteria:

The clicker is used as a positive conditioned reinforcer; That is, a stimulus that acquires the capacity to reinforce the behavior due to its relation with some positive stimulus.

The clicker can be associated with any stimulus that the dog considers positive, but for convenience it is usually associated with food or, less usually, with matching.

The clicker will be used as a generalized positive reinforcer, since it will reinforce a great variety of actions.

Using the clicker instead of rewarding directly with the food or the game has a number of advantages and functionality:

Accuracy: Optimal timing (timing, time, 0.5 sec.); Allows us to reward at the right moment when the conduct is performed, without delay.

Clarity: Eliminating dog manipulations that cloud learning during teaching.

Concentration: With the food the dog loses the concentration when being awarded, being able to become over-motivated and, therefore, reducing the learning, with the clicker the dog is given a prize without affecting the concentration.

Possibility of reinforcing distant actions: or in directions contrary to the guide.

Proactivity: The clicker involves the dog at work facilitating the active construction of behavior.

Convenience: Its use is easy and does not require complicated handling techniques.

Great margin of error: Both because it is a positive teaching job and for introducing the command with the action already learned.

General information:

We can use this technique with dogs of all ages, from puppies to adult dogs.

It can be used to teach an infinite amount of exercises.

Sound reinforces better than voice, because it always works the same.

It is a positive method, without punishment. The worst thing that can happen is that it does not sound the clicker.

It is a training technique that is intuitive and very fun for dog and master.

The behavior learned with the clicker method is much more resistant to extinction.


As we have seen clicker is an easy-to-use training tool, comfortable and safe, but to take full advantage of its possibilities you have to take into account some basic points:

“Clicking” involves triggering the clicker and feeding the dog (or the positive stimulus we use).

The object of the sound is impeccable timing and clarity in the association: if we stop giving food by “clicking” the conditioned reinforcement will last a while and then it will start to die out.

It is necessary to avoid at all costs to use the clicker as if it had different intensities of prize, increasing the number of clicks according to the action is better effected or more difficult.

A correct action or approach, a click, if we want to increase the prize we will give more food or more appetizing.

Do not stop or over-facilitate the dog’s programming: we have to be able to see the time to stop reinforcing an approach and ask the dog for a breakthrough; Equally we must look for advances that keep the dog involved and attentive at work.

If we continually reward excessively easy progress the dog will lose concentration and interest in the class.

Do not use the clicker for a single action or type of action.